Track Dryers

Quelle Suprise. The Indianapolis 500 Qualifying Schedule is on a rain delay at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Originally it was about a two-hour delay and then it was an additional delay for track cleanup. The Verizon IndyCar Series drivers towed down to the pits and hung out awaiting their turn.

The morning schedule calls for the two Qualifying Groups to each have a 30 minute practice session. Then Qualifying Group 1 lines up at 11:15am ET and Group 2 lines up at 11:45am ET.

Qualifying begins at 11:45am ET. There is no guarantee of green flag track time, but each group will get equal time.

Red Rain Light

The delay allowed plenty of time for fans to wander in Gasoline alley seeing photo ops and autographs, for the teams to check and double check everything including the red rain lights.

With so much time on their hands, the KVSH Chevrolet team spent time showing off their socks and sartorial splendor. Team Co-Owner Jimmy Vasser started the sock show-offs.

Jimmy Vasser's Socks

Shoes & Socks


Kevi Kalkhoven

Team Co-Owner Kevin Kalkoven just watched.

Various amounts of fan activities take place including another percussive band – this one marching through the compound, delighting you and old alike.

Percussive Band

Drummer and KidJames Hincliffe