Formula E Race Director Car

In a month, in Hawthorne CA, Elon Musk, President of Tesla – maker of electric cars and batteries, will make an announcement regarding a new product which won’t be a car. Most pundits say that Tesla, making the announcement from its Hawthorne Design Studio near Long Beach, will introduce a home battery. But, some insiders are predicting that Musk is more than interested in joining the Formula E series.

The current Formula E battery has 28KW/energy, producing up to 270bhp in qualifying trim and 200bhp in race trim. This lithium battery has the same power as 10,000 AA disposable batteries, and can be fully charged in fifty minutes.

Tesla already makes 60 kw lithium car battery which goes 265 miles, more than any other electric car. It can be charged from any ordinary household outlet, taking up to 72 minutes for a full charge. It’s thought that Musk’s goal is to further FIA’s idea of sustainability by producing a battery which will run the length of a Formula E race, allowing the series to cut costs by having only one car per driver. FIA’s stated goal is to push the boundaries of the latest technology. Musk’s plan would eliminate the need for compromise between performance and cost effectiveness.

Musk and his Tesla are already noted for its cutting-edge technology. The Tesla S scored five out of five stars by the National Highway Safety Administration, the highest-ever rating in the history of the automobile. It even broke the machine that was intended to crush it during a roll-over test.

Musk will be the guest of FIA Saturday at the Long Beach Formula E race. He will take a VIP lap after morning practice, and will be one of the VIP Grid Guests during the Opening Ceremonies.