Rattlesnake Hill


Pre-Race Activities

Pre-Race activities are always colorful at a NASCAR Sprint Cup race and Sunday at Phoenix International Raceway was no different. It was sensory overload with all the colors, sounds (F-16’s from Luke’s Air Force Base, fireworks, air gun, etc,) motion, and activities. Up on Rattlesnake Hill, the folks have a grande view of the entire scene, with all the comforts of home that can be trekked up the rocky hillside.

Five of the eight Chase drivers start 1-5: Denny Hamlin, Brad Keselowski, Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth. Jeff Gordon starts seventh, Carl Edwards at thirteenth, and Ryan Newman in twentieth place. Four will move onto the final round next week at Homestead.

All drivers will start in their qualifying position – no cars to the rear this weekend.


Pre-Race Activities


To my untrained and mostly deaf ears during Driver Intros, it seemed that Dale Earnhardt Jr received the loudest acclaim, although Jeff Gordon and Danica Patrick also were well-received. To no one’s surprise Brad Keselowski received the loudest negative reaction, although Kyle Busch ran a close second. The fans do love to hate their drivers.


Kyle Busch & Kevin Harvick