Day Four of USGP COTA week. What a difference a day makes. Gone was Wednesdays somnambulant demeanor. The tempo picked up and there was activity everywhere. First up for the 18 Formula One cars was Scrutineering, and everyone was a happy camper. The teams were pleasant and cooperative, and by noon all but two of […]


Wednesday – Day Three of USGP COTA week, and it’s so quiet compared to what I thought it would have been the day before all the F1 cars go through Scrutineering and all the FIA officials go through their systems checks. Not much activity to be seen, especially in Pit Lane. The FIA Scrutineering Bay […]


Tuesday – Day Two of USGP COTA week, and the pace has picked up but is not outwardly frenetic, fast or furious. Our long-time friend, Lon Bromley is the COTA Director of Safety. He has a staff of 48 handling fire, rescue, safety, track repair, MRV’s, plus Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steve Olvey who brings […]


Monday – Day One of USGP COTA week, and the tempo is already picking up. All the F1 containers have arrived and mostly put in place near and by the appropriate garages. In Pit Lane, the Caterham garage sign is gone, replaced by a track sign, but Marussia and three of the four driver’s signs […]