Early Morning Front Straight

It’s all about the weather Tuesday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the third day of Verizon IndyCar Practice for the 96th running of the Indianapolis 500. The forecast calls for chances of rain starting at 10am and increasing likelihood during the day along with thunder and lightning. The weather will be Twixt and ‘Tween. Already it has changed almost every five minutes. The breeze has picked up considerably. It was a problem yesterday for drivers on the 2.5-mile speedway. No wonder the drivers and teams were concerned about loss of track time.

The garages opened at 7am and the teams were working away, mostly inside the garages. Outside cars were being rolled through their procedural paces – fueling at the pumps, weighing on the scales, rolling through the Tech Barn, etc.

On the track could be heard the lonely sound of a two-seater IndyCar giving VIP rides, as is the practice every morning when possible.

No.18 Honda Fueling

No.63 Weighing In

No.68 Honda Rolling Into Tech Shed

In the KVAFS Racing garage, the crew was hard at it repairing the crashed No.17 Chevrolet for SEBASTIAN SAAVEDRA. The road race car was on the pole and stalled at the standing start of the Grand Prix of Indianapolis on Saturday. The crew is hopeful that Saavedra will get on track this afternoon. I was told he is OK.

Across the road is another KV Racing technology car being prepared for its first laps on the course. It is an oval track car being built for Rookie JAMIE DAVISON, who has a one-off ride in No.33 Chevrolet. Davison is scheduled to run his Rookie Orientation Program Thursday morning. So far what is seen of the body panels, the car is the same sky blue as is his garage sign. Perhaps what his livery design will be is holding up the latest IndyCar Spotter’s Guide.

No.17 Chevrolet Being Rebuilt

No.33 KV Racing Technology Garage Sign

No.33 KV Racing Technology Chevrolet Being Built

Early Morning Pit Lane