Entrance Sign
Photo by Ron Searle
It was Heritage Day Thursday at Albert Park in Melbourne, for the Rolex Australian Grand Prix. The event was celebrating its sixtieth anniversary of the first Grand Prix run at Albert Park back in 1953.

The Thursday attendance of 69,400 was reported as being the second highest for a Thursday. This is the free day and there were lots of school children enjoying the sights and sounds, as well as crowds of young people and moms with kids. Who knows. Maybe they will become aficionados.

The weather was again more temperate than earlier. After the cloud cover burned off, the sun shone, but the breeze kept it tolerable. Later it chilled right up.

The Formula One Pit Lane was busy, but not frenetic. The F1 cars began their Scrutineering process, and the Ferrari team practiced pit stops and nose changes. Caterham measured the pit lane.

Ferrari Pit Stop Practice - 1

Ferrari Pit Stop Practice - 2

Ferrari Pit Stop Practice - 3

Ferrari Pit Stop Practice - 4

Scrutineering Queue

F1 Scrutineering Bay

American race car driver, ‘Spin and Win’ DANNY SULLIVAN, is the Driver Steward this weekend. He was seen out and about with FIA Race Control Observer, HERBIE BLASH, and also chatting up MARK WEBBER.

I had a couple of Seb Sightings, once casually chatting it up with DAVID COULTHARD, who is driving the Infiniti Red Bull F1 Car in the Ultimate Speed Comparison, and once during what appeared to be a seat fitting.

Coulthard is matching driving skills with two Aussie motorcycle World Champions – five-time Champion, MICK DOOHAN in the Mercedes -Benz SL63 AMG road car, and two-time MotoGP Champion and now Red Bull Racing Dunlop Development V8 Supercar Series Rookie Driver, CASEY STONER.

Danny Sullivan & Mark Webber

Sebastian Vettel & David Coulthard

Sebastian Vettel