Lovely Laguna, Old Bugatti, and Restored Airstream Transporter

Sunday’s weather at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca started out sunny, and quickly got warmer. The breeze was desultory and listless. Lovely weather for the second and final day of historic racing at the Pre-Reunion, Presented by Jaguar. Nearly 275 cars, spread among 10 race groups practiced in the morning, in preparation for the afternoon’s ten lap races.

So far the weekend has been safe and sane. There were no car contacts Saturday, save one minor brush with the wall. More than a few mechanical problems slowed down the schedule a bit, as these cars merit special attention when they are towed.
Jan Vorbil's 1925 Bugatti 35C

The second oldest car entered this weekend is the 1925 Bugatti 3C owned, driven and maintained by JAN VOBORIL of Topanga Canyon CA. This unique car has bolts that are wired in place and together so they will not fall off. It also has a personalized type of license plate on a special wing in the back, denoting the car. The Bugatti has 2000cc, in a group whose engines range from 1098 to 4500cc. This Group One category is for Pre 1940 Sports, Racing and Touring Cars.

The Bugatti’s history dates back to the twenties when it was raced by MADAM ELISABETH JUNEK of Czechoslovakia. On the Revs Institute website, in the Archive of Primary Documents, she is listed as “the brilliant lady Bugatti race car driver. She is one of the greatest female Grand Prix race drivers and sportswomen of the Twentieth Century.” The Revs Institute is the educational arm of The Collier Collection. More about it later.
AirStream rear view1955 Air Stream
Voboril, who is also a Czech, has an unusual transporter. About a year ago he found a rusted out 1955 Air Stream trailer in a Topanga canyon. It needed a lot of work. Voboril renovated it, which included installing open doors in the back, and now he uses it for his race car and equipment.

Voboril finished fourteenth Saturday afternoon, in a field of 25 cars.