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“I feel so much lighter, which is great for a girl.” That was the response given by DANICA PATRICK Friday afternoon at her IZOD IndyCar media conference at Infineon Raceway, when asked how she felt now that her ‘secret’ was finally revealed.

It’s finally going to give us (media) something else to talk about.

I wasn’t ready in 2006, when all the NASCAR rumors started, but I’m ready now. I enjoy racing these cars. I’m having fun.

When Dario (DARIO FRANCHITTI) first got in a stock car, he said “What am I doing? When I first got in a stock car, I said ‘This is awesome!

I negotiated my NASCAR ride before I ever got in a car – 2009, my best ever year in IndyCar.

It was so liberating at my first ARCA race at Daytona. I had so much fun, bumping, colliding, racing.

It’s almost like back when I was go-karting. IndyCar has more of a European atmosphere. NASCAR is different. I felt right at home, with the lingo, attitude and all.

I really enjoy bumping. It’s difficult to do in IndyCar. In NASCAR if someone hits me, I just hit them back. It can make your day getting back at them, and getting them out of the way. I won’t go after anyone, but ……

One of the biggest differences between an IndyCar and a stock car is a NASCAR vehicle is much hotter. However, it does have power steering. I just don’t want it to go out on me.

I have no control over anyone else’s expectations of how I will do. I can’t do anything about it.

I will miss IndyCar – the people, my crew, the cars. IndyCars are amazing machinery. I will Milwaukee, Indy in an IndyCar, and some of the events such as Long Beach and Toronto.

It’s not clear what’s possible for the Indy 500 next year.

I didn’t make the change because I was bored. I have had some frustrations, knowing what I wanted to do. I just wanted to do something else.

It was possible to stay in IndyCar if I wanted. There were some considerations. I wasn’t ready in 2006. I’m ready now.

I didn’t make the change just for money. If that was my motive, I would have moved in 2006, when there was more money. NASCAR has gone down since then.

Success is defined the same for me in either series – Victory Lane.

The changes in IndyCar I’ve seen include car counts going up and the level of competition going up. Randy (RANDY BERNARD) has brought fresh ideas to IndyCar.

I’ve had good fan response from both series.

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