Jag XKE Emblem
Photo by Rolex/Stephan Cooper
The fog lifted by afternoon Saturday at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, in time for the nine Group A races at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. It was warm and sunny, with a nice breeze and lots of ambiance.

The first race of the day Saturday afternoon was the Invitational XKE Jaguar class, celebrating its fiftieth anniversary of the E-Type Jags. Group 3A is the smallest group, but what a select group it is. The cars range from 1961 to 1970, the latter which is an E-Type 2+2.

Heberts & Jack Bush
Art, Linda & Robert Hebert and Jack Bush. Photo by Lynne Huntting

The race was won by the son and father, ART and ROBERT HEBERT. Third was JACK BUSH of NYC, racing his first time ever at Laguna Seca. All three are racing cars from the Donovan Collection.

Art had the pole, but Robert led for at least half of the race. Art took over the lead and then the two really raced hard to the finish. They swapped the lead multiple times on the last two laps. Coming for the checkered flag, Art lost sight of his dad in his rear view mirror. That meant only one thing – Dad was along side. The two dragged to the finish, neither knowing who won until they pitted. The Margin of Victory was a slim 00:00.040.

Afterwards Art said the race was “epic,” and Robert had a big grin. Dad said he could never win an argument with his son, so nicknamed him ‘Argumentative Art.’ Robert jokingly said it was time to go behind the wood shed, but he had not yet figured out what he was going to say to his son for beating him in the race.

Although Busch found the 2.232-mile elevated road circuit challenging, he’s enjoying it. He praised the one-hour orientation session Wednesday afternoon. Bush said the Driver Instructor, MARK HAMILTON PETER, was very helpful with all kinds of tips around the track. Thanks to him, said Bush, he was able to cut off at least a second from his lap times.

Art is from Northern CA, Larkspur. Robert lives in Monterey MA, and yes, that’s correct. Monterey MA is a small town of 900 people, about an hour from Lime Rock Park. Bush is from New York City.

Art and Robert have raced Jaguars for the Donovan Collection on and off for years.