No.#1 Watson RoadsterIt’s hot and sunny at the Brickyard before the start of the 100th Anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 race. Thermometer up to eighties. Finally.
#73 Post-war?
This race more than any other in the whole world has all kinds of tradition, pomp and circumstance and ways to make the Pre-Race festivities well worth the show. Only thing missing is ZERO MOSTEL singing Tradition from the top of the Pagoda.

It was breathtaking to see the stealth bomber do the fly over before the race start. And, there will be another Stealth flying over at the race’s finish.

I learned too late that a special lanyard flag was required for IZOD IndyCar annual media credentials for Pit Lane access before the race, and IndyCar ran out. So, I have no close-up photos of the grid, or pre-race festivities. ;-(

Crowd #1Crowd #2

Editorial Comment: As I often say, spare me celebrity singers. At least this year’s National Anthem, performed by DAVID FOSTER, SEAL, and KELLY CLARKSON, wasn’t as bad as STEVEN TYLER several years ago. The anthem’s lyrics were on the Big Screen so at least they were performed correctly. Performed is the key word. The anthem should be sung or played, not performed – not made someone’s signature song. This is Memorial Day weekend, honoring our military, and as an Army brat, I would much prefer a military band or single trumpet.
Crowd #3Media Center Exterior
Last row-RHRSecond-to-last row
Bruno Junqueira banner
MenCrowd #2

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