Sunday night, after all was said and done, the FIA F1 race Stewards disqualified both Sauber drivers from the event – breaching Articles 3.10.1 and 3.10.2 of the technical regulations having to do with the rear wing.

Basically, the Sauber car failed post-race tech: – “the local concave radius of the curvature may not be smaller than 100mm.” I don’t understand it either.

The team announced it would appeal under the Code of Procedures and Rules of the FIA International Court of Appeal.

JAMES KEY, Sauber’s Technical Director said “It was a very surprising and disappointing result.” No kidding.The drivers finished seventh and eighth, with Rookie SERGIO PEREZ of Mexico amazing everyone with his run of 35 laps on one set of the new Pirelli soft tires. He finished the race with the car intact, stayed out of trouble with the big boys and yet was able to keep up with them and charge back after his lone trip to the pits.

There were no details on when or how the appeal process works.

The four F1 race stewards for the Qantas Australian Grand Prix were: STEVE CHOPPING, PAUL GUTJAHR, JOHNNY HERBERT, and STEVE STRINGWELL.

It’s things like this that happen after much of the media have left. The smart ones wait until after all is said and done.

Stay tuned.

The next Formula One race is in two weeks.

Last Modified on March 27, 2011
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