Aussie driver, MARK WEBBER/Red Bull Racing was not only the fastest of 24 F1 drivers Saturday afternoon in the final practice at Albert Park for the Qantas Australian Grand Prix, he did it in spades. He set record after record, and ended up 1:24.717. Last year’s fastest time of 1:25.808 was set by NICO ROSBERG. Saturday ten drivers bested that time, and three got into the 1:24’s.

The weather was grey, overcast and muggy, but the cars loved it.

Second through fifth fastest were FERNANDO ALONSO/Ferrari, MICHAEL SCHUMACHER/Mercedes, Webber’s RBR teammate, SEBASTIAN VETTEL, and Rosberg, who now drives for Mercedes.

The beleaguered HRT team had another bad hair day. The two drivers,  KARUN CHANDHOK and BRUNO SENNA stopped on course, and ended up at the bottom of the charts. Chandhok was almost ten seconds off the pace, and Senna was closer to 12 seconds behind. Senna had hydraulic issues.

On another note – here you thought famous F1 drivers were chauffeured everywhere. Poor LEWIS HAMILTON/McLaren got busted Friday night by the local gendarmes. Seems Hamilton was caught doing a burnout and fishtail on Lakeside Drive – the road outside Turn 13. So he and the passengers in his Mercedes were driven away in a cop car, while the Mercedes was loaded onto the back of a tilt bed tow truck for compulsory impound for breaking ‘anti hoon’ laws.  And to top it off, YouTube has the bust  recorded for posterity.

Hamilton released a cryptic apology: “This evening, I was driving in an over-exuberant manner and, as a result, was stopped by the police.

“What I did was silly, and I want to apologise for it.”

Next up is F1 Qualifying.