After the multiple columns covering my interview with PETER WINDSOR about his new Team US F1, so much interest was generated in the team that principles Windsor and KEN ANDERSON, decided to make a preemptive strike and release some details before (incorrect) rumors and gossip spread.

The two young American drivers for the team will be GRAHAM RAHAL of Dublin OH and JONATHAN SUMMERTON of Orlando FL, with ALEXANDER ROSSI of Nevada City CA as the test/reserve driver.

The team has requested and been granted a FIA testing waiver, which will enable the team to have its new car up and running and sorted out this summer, while allowing the drivers to gain the necessary seat time and experience to qualify for their Super Licenses.

Rahal will run the full 2009 Indy Racing League schedule with Newman Haas Lanigan Racing. Summerton, who is racing in the Indy Pro Series, will run the full season also. They won’t test until after their IRL season ends, with Rossi driving the car initially.

Windsor will handle the driver coaching.

Rahal will bring with him the McDonald’s sponsorship, while Summerton will be sponsored by Coca-Cola. Both companies, as well as the other team sponsors, are American brands which have and want to grow their international presence.

Apple will be an associate sponsor on both cars, providing all things computer, as well as providing telecommunication services and support. Apple will provide a dedicated team of ‘Geniuses’ to maintain a state of the art website with high and low tech interactivity. This will enable the team to expand its worldwide audience and have a broader presence with the latest and greatest innovations – and promote American technology. One example will be the team’s official launch, which will take place the first week in January at 2010 MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. The launch, which will feature the team’s Show Car as the race cars will be in Jerez testing, will be telecast live to various international broadcast outlets which cover Formula One in their respective countries, such as SPEED TV in America, SKY TV in Europe, ONE in Australia, etc. as well as live streamed on video via SPEED,, and other websites.

Skunk Works, which is seeking to expand its audience overseas, will be another associate sponsor on both cars. Its principles are the foundation upon which the team is built.

All the drivers will have their own Team US F1 website with links to the team’s website and visa versa. They will be writing weekly journals keeping everyone abreast of their progress.

Team US F1 will become the first Formula One team to use American-made HANS Devices, which will be the new lighter and latest model. Most F1 teams have licenses to make their own. To promote the American device, both cars will run HANS graphics.

All sponsors are American and have iconic logos. The familiar Golden Arches and Coke bottle will be in view of the in-car cameras. All sponsors will be featured on the car and uniforms.

The team’s official Ambassador will be DAN GURNEY. Others playing roles with the team will be consultants CARL HAAS and BOBBY RAHAL, both bringing their F1 as well as American racing experiences.

Among some of the plans to introduce the team to the US will be to invite all the media to come to North Carolina a day early for the annual Charlotte (NASCAR) Media Tour in January 2010. Team US F1 will have an open house all day, allowing the media to visit the shop, meet the drivers and team, and take a guided tour of the nearby wind tunnel.

The team owners and drivers will visit Road America for the 2009 SCCA June Sprints and the 2009 SCCA National Runoffs. This will give the team a chance to meet with grass roots racers and volunteer race marshals, display the Show Car, and build on its fan base.

As part of building and growing an American fan base for Formula One, team owners Windsor and KEN ANDERSON, will be joining FOTA (Formula One Teams Association) and working closely with McLaren’s RON DENNIS, in getting Formula One back in the US, and also in Canada. The plan would be to have the two North American races a week apart, as they were in year’s past. Among the American venues under consideration is Detroit, Motor City USA, which ran Formula One for several years in the eighties. ROGER PENSKE is included in the collaborative efforts.

The team is still keeping the engine package tightly under wraps, but is maintaining its stance of promoting American technology. Stay tuned.


Last Modified on April 2, 2009
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